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Welcome to funforlife


funforlife is an educational theatre and arts organisation that empowers young people and their communities, particularly those disadvantaged through sickness, war or poverty, by teaching them vital life skills and inspiring them with a passion for life-long learning through our Life Skills Tune Model.

funforlife is a non-political organisation. We work with young people in need, no matter what their nationality, religion, race or ability.

To see funforlife at work in Haiti, please click the link to the NEW FILM below.
And if you would like to make a donation, please click on the PayPal link. Thank you!

Fun For Life; Haiti 2011 from Starr Trust on Vimeo.


Inspired by her work with funforlife in Haiti, Tamsin Fitzgerald has created a stunning piece of work, 
IN THE DUST, that is touring nationally.


Please email us if you can help or if you wish to send a donation
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